Our brands (PES) DIOLEN® and (PA 6.6) TIMBRELLE® are available in our standard program and also in several further specialties. In addition, we also offer various optional yarn finishes. The application of yarn finishes to the fiber surface may give the yarn a better condition for further processing or provide it with additional properties.


  • High permanence
  • More efficiency in your production


Antibacterlial without silver
A zinc substrate applied in the dyehouse endows the yarns with permanent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and therefore also long-lasting protection against unpleasant odours. PERFORMANZ yarns are extremely kind to the skin and the environment.

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves treatment outcome

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Hydrophobic without Fluorocarbon
GREEN FC-FREE is environmentally friendly hydrophobic, without health hazard. A micro-thin protective layer at the yarn surface keeps it - and every textile made out of it - safe from water.

  • Water-resistant
  • Fluorocarbon-free
  • Compliant to Detox and OekoTex Appendix 6

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More efficiency through less friction
ANTI STATIC will help to increase efficiency of all of your finishing processes by decreasing static charging. At the same time, goods treated with ANTI STATIC will win over consumers with their particularly soft touch and high wearing comfort.

  • Prevents static electricity
  • Application fully integrated in production process
  • Soft touchand high wearing comfort

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Natural white protection
ANTI YELLOWING EXTRA provides additional safety during storage, over long periods of time, depending on prevailing nitrogen oxide emissions.

  • Natural active substances
  • Enhancing of storage life
  • High permanence

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Let your textiles shine longer
EXTRA LASTING UV-PROTECTION is a long-term preservation against Fading. UV rays will be absorbed and sublimation of dyes will be prevented.

  • Extends lifespan
  • Improves hot light fastness properties up to two degrees (Blue Scale)
  • REACH conform

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High-tech dirt impregnation
Even major dirt, like pigmented, oily or greasy stains, can easily be removed with water without any residue at DIRT PROTECT finished yarns.

  • Saves cleaning agents and time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves moisture management

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